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Nate Hultman is director of the Center for Global Sustainability and associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. From 2014-2016, Hultman worked at the White House on the Obama Administration’s climate and energy policy team. During this time, he helped develop the US 2025 climate target, worked on US bilateral engagements with China, India, Brazil and others, and participated in the international climate negotiations in Lima and Paris. His research focuses on national climate target-setting and assessment, US emissions mitigation policy including the role of non-federal actors, energy technology transitions, and international climate policy. He was recently lead author of the America’s Pledge 2018 Report, Fulfilling America’s Pledge: How Cities, States, and Businesses are Leading the way to a Low-Carbon Future. He has participated in the UN climate process for over 20 years, and was a contributing author to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report and Special Report on Renewable Energy. He is also a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and associate director of the Joint Global Change Research Institute, a collaboration between the University of Maryland and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Hultman was formerly a visiting fellow at the University of Oxford, Fulbright fellow and NASA Earth Systems Science fellow in climate sciences. He holds an MS and PhD in energy & resources from the University of California, Berkeley and a BA in physics from Carleton College.

Areas of Interest
  • Climate change, energy policy, US federal climate policy
3 Credit(s)

Designed for students whose academic majors would be enhanced by the complementary study of a widely shared but hard-to-operationalize aspiration: that present choices should preserve or improve future options rather than foreclose or degrade them. How should we understand sustainability? How might we achieve it? How would we know if we had achieved it? And how could sustainability activists of a rising generation lead by example?
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Faculty: Nathan Hultman

School Authors: Nathan Hultman, Leon Clarke, Christina Bowman, Morgan Edwards, Yiyun 'Ryna' Cui

Other Authors: Carla Frisch, Kevin Kennedy, Paul Bodnar, Pete Hansel, Tom Cyrs, Michelle Manion, Jessie Lund, Joel Jaeger, Andrew Clapper, Arijit Sen, Devashree Saha, Michael Westphal, Wendy Jaglom , Juan Carlos Altamirano, Maggie Dennis, Kareem Hammoud, Christopher Henderson, John O'Neill, Emily Goldfield