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Jiehong Lou is an assistant research professor at the Center for Global Sustainability (CGS) in the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. Her areas of expertise include: climate finance and carbon finance, energy economics, environmental policy, energy policy, sustainable development, equity and transportation justice. Lou’s research focuses on mobilization of private finance in financing climate action, corporate motivations for carbon project investment, evaluation of co-benefits from climate finance projects, measurement of different types of risks in climate finance and investment needs, behavioral change interventions on energy consumption, and how transportation accessibility imposes disparate impacts on different economic and minority groups. She was recently a postdoctoral fellow with the Maryland Transportation Institute. She holds a PhD in policy sciences with a focus on environmental and energy policy from the University of Maryland; an MA in public policy and an MA in applied economics from the University of Maryland; and a BA in public policy from Tongji University in China. 

Areas of Interest
  • Climate finance and carbon finance; energy economics; environmental policy; energy policy; sustainable development; equity; transportation justice

Successfully addressing the climate crisis while achieving sustainable development goals will require carefully constructed strategies to enact rapid economic transitions to a cleaner economy—tailored to national circumstances and priorities. The Center for Global Sustainability has deep expertise in country-specific analytical and policy approaches across key sectors and in support of a 1.5°C-pathway.

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