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Bachelor's/Master of Public Policy

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Jumpstart your career in public policy by gaining both an understanding of the policy world and the professional tools to make a difference.

The dual bachelor's with a Master of Public Policy allows you to earn both degrees in less time and at less cost than if you pursued them independently. Benefit from the in-depth and multi-lens understanding of society and the policy world that is explored in our bachelor's program, and gain the analytical and professional tools in our master's program that you need to launch a career solving pressing policy challenges. Throughout both programs, take advantage of our location in the Washington, D.C. region to engage directly in local, national and international policymaking. 


  • Earn a bachelor's and master's degree in as few as five years and at lower cost by double-counting credits toward both degrees
  • Combine the disciplinary breadth of your undergraduate program with the specialized skills of a master's degree to be an effective and capable policy professional 
  • Access the internship, event and networking opportunities of the Washington, D.C. region and go beyond the classroom into the heart of policymaking
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Program Structure

Once admitted to the dual degree program, you will spend your junior year completing most of the undergraduate core courses and requirements for your major. Across the fourth year of your undergraduate program and your fifth year in the master's program, you will complete the 48 credits of graduate level courses required for the Master of Public Policy 

The dual degree program allows you to double-count 18 credits of graduate course work towards your undergraduate degree, with these credits taken as an undergraduate student at undergraduate tuition rates (saving you 18 credits of graduate-level tuition rates). The remaining 30 credits required to earn the master's degree are taken as a graduate student, and can be completed in one year by taking 12 credits in both the fall and spring semesters and 6 credits in the summer or winter terms. By double-counting credits, and taking some courses during the summer or winter terms, you are able to complete the master's degree with only one additional year.

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Who can apply?

The dual Bachelor/Master program is available to any interested undergraduate student who meets the application criteria. If you are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, or certain majorswithin the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (Economics, Government and Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Criminology and Criminal Justice, and African American Studies), you can apply as part of a pre-existing structured program. If you are pursuing any other major, you must apply for an individualized program and have the permission of both your primary undergraduate major department and the School of Public Policy.


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