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Plans of Study

Taliaferro Hall

Undergraduate students in the School of Public Policy are encouraged to develop an academic plan to map out all courses needed to graduate within a Public Policy major. Our undergraduate academic advising team is available to work with students throughout this process. Sample four-year and two-year plans are available below. These materials may be downloaded to assist both current and prospective students in planning their education and monitoring their progress to a degree.

This information is to be used as an advising tool. The plan will require periodic modification as a result of the semester in which a student enters a particular major, changes in course sequence or offering times, availability of courses, satisfactory progress, etc. No guarantee is offered or implied by the creation and use of a four-year or two-year plan. Development of your individual plan and all changes thereafter should be made in consultation with your assigned academic advisor.

If you have questions about the development of your plan of study or use of the materials provided here, consult with your academic advisor.

Four-Year Plan and Checklist [PDF] Two-Year Plan and Checklist [PDF]
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