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Mario Sto. Domingo poses during WH internship

Policy Terps are bold problem solvers and fearless changemakers.

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Be a dreamer. A creator. A leader. A changemaker. 

With no shortage of complex challenges, the world needs leaders who are able to understand and communicate the issues, who can design and implement bold solutions and who can ethically and compassionately lead the movements and organizations that create real change. As a Policy Terp, you will:

  • Learn how to analyze the issues to create and critically evaluate responses that promote better outcomes for communities. 
  • Cross disciplinary boundaries to better understand the complexities of the challenges the world faces and immerse yourself in multiple perspectives.
  • Develop decision-making and leadership skills to translate theory and analysis into on-the-ground action.
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A Career of Possibilities

Public policy impacts every aspect of our society. At its core, every public issue has questions about our governing bodies and their relationships to people, organizations and the world around us. Studying public policy puts you at the heart of the issues, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to make a difference. Policy graduates are prepared to work across issues and sectors. Our graduates develop the most sought-after skills in the policy field today: strong analytical and decision-making skills, a creative approach to solving problems and a leadership style that is grounded in ethics and an appreciation for the multi-faceted nature of public issues. Policy Terps secure positions in all levels of government, in the private sector, in nonprofit and foundation organizations and in public service entities such as Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. 

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