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Associate Clinical Professor; Director, iGive Living-Learning Program

Patricia Bory is the Director of iGIVE, a living-learning program at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy where she uses applied learning practices to teach leadership, innovation, and social change to incoming students. She will also work closely with the Do Good Institute to support the development of new Do Good course offerings, contribute to existing courses, and support the development of new partnerships and initiatives with UMD programs, colleges and schools.

For 20 years Patricia has focused on building strong and diverse leaders, teams and systems. Most recently she served in the Obama Administration as a Senior Advisor for the Department of Labor in the areas of disability employment policy, diversity and inclusion, and workforce equity; and before that she led public engagement at the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that runs AmeriCorps.

During the first decade of her career, with help from committed mentors who recognized her leadership potential, Patricia progressed from being an AmeriCorps member to becoming the Director of BAYAC AmeriCorps, one of the largest and longest standing AmeriCorps programs in California.  Her passion for developing young leaders comes from her desire to provide similar leadership opportunities and access to all emerging leaders regardless of race, gender, or zip code.

Patricia taught leadership and social movements as an adjunct professor at American University.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College and a master’s degree in organization development from American University.  

As a queer white woman with a disability, Patricia brings an expansive understanding of how identity and cultural awareness can lead to leadership success and the social change we seek. She lives in the Washington, DC area with her young daughter.

3 Credit(s)

A team-based, highly interactive and dynamic course that provides an opportunity for students to generate solutions to a wide range of problems facing many communities today. Students in the iGIVE Program will deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation practices by creating and implementing projects or ventures that address an issue of their choosing while learning topics such as communications, project management, teamwork, leadership, fundraising, project sustainability and next steps in social change. Restricted to students in the iGive program.
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Faculty: Patricia Bory
3 Credit(s)

Understanding how groups and individuals develop and coexist in society is an essential part of public policy. Using the classroom as a laboratory, students will explore identity development and how the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and other identities shape perceptions that inform decision-making and policy development. From historical scholars to current day movement leaders, this course equips students with tools necessary to critically analyze pluralism, power, and identity; and the skills needed to shape meaningful and equitable public policy and working and civic environments for all.
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