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An All-In climate strategy can cut U.S. emissions by 50% by 2030

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2021 can be a year of global action to address the climate crisis, and the U.S. has the opportunity to step up its climate action and deliver a strong commitment to the world. This new analysis from the America Is All In analytical team demonstrates how a comprehensive, all-of-society strategy for the U.S., integrating federal and non-federal action, can deliver greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions reductions of 50% below 2005 levels by 2030—securing the country’s path towards a clean and healthy future for all.

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School Authors: Haewon McJeon, Alicia Zhao

Other Authors: John Bistline, Maxwell Brown, Maya Domeshek, Cara Marcy, Nicholas Roy, Geoffrey Blanford, Dallas Burtraw, Jamil Farbes, Allen Fawcett, Anne Hamilton, Jesse Jenkins, Ryan Jones, Ben King, Hannah Kolus, John Larsen, Amanda Levin, Megan Mahajan, Erin Mayfield, James McFarland, Robbie Orvis, Neha Patankar, Kevin Rennert, Sally Robson, Christopher Roney, Ethan Russell, Greg Schivley, Daniel Shawhan, Daniel Steinberg, Nadejda Victor, Shelley Wenzel, John Weyant, Ryan Wiser, Mei Yuan