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Accelerating America's Pledge: Going All In to Build A Prosperous, Low Carbon Economy for the United States

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Launched at the 25th Conference of Parties (COP25), the latest and most comprehensive assessment of U.S. climate action from states, cities, and businesses was released from America's Pledge initiative on climate. The report, Accelerating America’s Pledge: Going All In to Build A Prosperous, Low Carbon Economy for the United States, provides an updated assessment of the current trajectory of climate actions from states, cities, and businesses; and puts forth a vision of where the U.S. economy could be in 2030 with enhanced ambition, and an ‘All In’ climate strategy, including a federal re-engagement strategy, built upon the foundation that non-federal actors have enacted.

Since 2017, the America’s Pledge initiative on climate change has analyzed, aggregated, and showcased the broad swath of climate action here in the U.S. from leading states, cities, businesses, universities, faith groups, cultural institutions, and more, in order to drive down their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement. This is the third and latest report, following the 2017 and 2018 reports. Find reports, executive summaries, technical appendixes, and more at

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School Authors: Gokul Iyer, Leon Clarke, James 'Jae' Edmonds, Nathan Hultman, Yiyun 'Ryna' Cui, Sha Yu, Haewon McJeon

Other Authors: Yang Ou, Allen A. Fawcett, James R. McFarland, Matthew Binsted, Claire Fyson, Andreas Geiges, Sofia Gonzales-Zuñiga, Matthew J. Gidden, Niklas Höhne, Louise Jeffery, Takeshi Kuramochi, Jared Lewis, Malte Meinshausen, Zebedee Nicholls, Pralit Patel, Shaun Ragnauth, Joeri Rogel J., Stephanie Waldhoff

School Authors: Leon Clarke, Yiyun 'Ryna' Cui, James 'Jae' Edmonds, Sha Yu, Alicia Zhao

Other Authors: Cornelia Auer, Ryan Barrett, Antoine Boirard, Renaud Concordet, Jérôme Hilaire, Otso Manninen, Thessa Beck, David Bresch, Christoph Bertram, Molly Charles, Dawn Holland, Ian Hurst, Elmar Kriegler, Chahan Kropf, Iana Liadze, Theresa Löber, Franziska Piontek, Jihoon Min, Edo Schets, Inga Sauer, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, Bas van Ruijven