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Korea’s 10th Electricity Basic Plan is not aligned with the global 1.5°C limit

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picture of wind farm in South Korea

Korea's energy plan is not aligned with the low-overshoot 1.5°C scenario

Coal phase-out by 2035 and a significant increase in renewables are needed to achieve global climate goals

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Nate Hultman, Director

Jenna Behrendt, Research Manager

Ryna Cui, Research Director

Matt Zwerling, Research Associate

Bradley Phelps, Research Assistant

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N. Hultman, J. Behrendt, R. Cui, M. Zwerling and B. Phelps. (2023). “Korea’s 10th Electricity Basic Plan is not aligned with the global 1.5°C limit; delayed coal to renewable transition jeopardizes consistency with a common global goal.” Center for Global Sustainability, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Building off of previous analysis, the Center for Global Sustainability released a new analysis with Solutions for Our Climate that conducts a deep dive into Korea's 10th Electricity Basic Plan, which updated several Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets, determining that the government's current plan is not aligned with global 1.5°C trajectories. 

Using an integrated assessment model, the analysis determined rapid decarbonization of the power sector, including a coal phaseout and higher renewable energy targets, is necessary to stay on track to 1.5°C.

Download our previous overall analysis on Korea's National Carbon Neutrality Plan and 10th Electricity Basic Plan here.

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