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China’s 2060 carbon neutrality target: opportunities and challenges

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A photovoltaic power station in Luoyang city, central China. (Image: Alamy)

In China Dialogue, an analysis by one of the Center for Global Sustainability (CGS) researchers, Ryna Cui, examines the opportunities and challenges of China's 2060 carbon neutrality target. Global efforts on climate change have faced setbacks, including the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement and the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the world economy. For China to take the initiative and set this target will inject new stimulus into the global response to climate change and boost ambition on emissions cuts. It is an important step towards a 1.5C warming target. China’s announcement elicited a huge response because the country's energy system and economy are currently reliant on coal and meeting the target could improve public health, spark technological innovation and create new economic opportunities. 

Learn more about the opportunities and challenges presented by China's 2060 carbon neutrality target. 

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