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Building a Trans-Polar Bridge

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It is high time we pay more attention to what is going on in the High North. A combination of rising temperatures, melting ice, and growth in global trade on the high seas has contributed to a growing presence of military and commercial vessels in the region. The Arctic region is rich in minerals and, in particular, oil and gas. As the ice recedes, the decades ahead will see further commercial and military activity in the Arctic, a region that will act as a “Trans-Polar Bridge between the North American, European, and Asian continents. These developments beg for good governance and cooperation among like-minded Arctic nations and others who transit through and profit from freedom of navigation in the region; hence the need for a deeper discussion on the formation of a Trans-Polar Bridge.

This paper discusses the Trans-Polar Bridge and draws parallels to the Trans-Atlantic Bridge, which has served as one of NATO’s main pillars of strength for the last seven decades. Given the Center for European Policy Analysis’ (CEPA’s) interest in Nordic-Baltic collaboration and the affiliated security concerns in the High North, it is fitting to introduce the concept of a Trans-Polar Bridge.

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