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Improving Public Sector Acquisition and Procurement Policy

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The federal government buys $400 billion worth of goods and services every year. When state and local government spending is included that figure is well over $3 trillion. As the nation faces unprecedented budgetary pressures, the need to acquire these goods and services efficiently has never been greater. CPPPE conducts research to identify and promote government acquisition best practices and sourcing strategies, these include performance-based contracting and public-private partnerships.

A significant portion of acquisition spending, particularly within the Department of Defense, funds maintenance and support of existing systems. To improve effectiveness and efficiency in this area, the University of Maryland and the Lockheed Martin Corporation have jointly established the Center for Logistics Collaboration (CLC), under the auspices of CPPPE. The CLC has developed a sustained research and analysis capability in the area of complex system
life-cycle product support. As part of this program, two graduate students are competitively selected each year as Lockheed Martin graduate student research associates. The resulting research has informed government policies to make improvements in the delivery of public services and products, while simultaneously reducing their costs.

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