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Translating Among OS for China/US/Global Cooperation; Some Frameworks and Clues for Practitioners and Scholars Working in 2021 on Global Environmental Challenges

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Daniel Guttman speaking

In this presentation, Daniel Guttman will draw on the work of an informal comparative China/US/global environmental governance network, providing frameworks and clues for scholars and practitioners. At Cold War’s end there emerged a global English language “vernacular of governance.” In the 21st century those teaching/attending workshops in Beijing as well as Washington could use the same English terms – e.g., “governance,” “policy,” PPP, “NGO,” “market based regulation,” “public interest law,” sustainability,” “open information.” While these were said to apply in China with “Chinese characteristics, there was a strong view among Western leaders and experts that systems would converge and differences disappear. Now, in 2021, it is said that systems are not converging, but need for communication and cooperation on climate change and other global challenges (Covid) is imperative. Scholars and practitioners seeking to work between/among China/US global systems need to understand how to translate the common vocabulary among the different OS (Operating Systems).

About the speaker: Daniel Guttman is a teacher, lawyer and has been a public servant. He is Professor, Tianjin University Law school, adjunct professor, Fudan University IGPP, fellow New York University Asia Law Institute, has been visiting Professor at Peking, Tsinghua, Nanjing, Shanghai Jiao Tong Universities, and taught for many years at Johns Hopkins and Shanghai NYU universities. He served as Executive Director of a Presidential Advisory Commission on bioethics, was Presidentially appointed Commissioner of the US Occupational Health and Safety Review Commission, directed US Senate investigations and hearings on U.S. government energy and environmental management, and was UNDP “foreign expert advisor” on China environmental law.

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