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One Year, One Lesson

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Pandemic community

To mark the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization declaring COVID-19 a pandemic, Maryland Today and the School of Public Policy are featuring crowdsourced examples of one lesson that UMD/SPP faculty, staff and students learned during this period. Whether it touched on their academic or workplace experience, their home life, or their perspective or goals, read as they share their experiences and lessons learned. 

I took the extra time during quarantine to go on longer bike rides exploring new parts of the city with my wife.
Joey Heavner MPP '21
By living through this pandemic, I have so many more moral dilemmas to incorporate into our seminar on Ethics and Public Administration.
Joan Dubinsky Lecturer
I learned during the coronavirus pandemic how truly important friendships and family are -- work and GPA matter, but never as much as your loved ones.
Emily Berry BA/MPP '21/'22
People are strong. Children are resilient. Fresh air and family matters most. If you're lucky, it's just luck. Share it with others.
Sara Yousefnejad Gallagher Associate Director, Do Good Institute, MPP '14
I learned during quarantine that I love watching my plants grow each day.
Rachel Bustamante MPP '22
During quarantine, I've learned that it's okay to be uncertain about the future - but being hopeful always helps.
Catherine Nguyen BA/MPP '22/'23
I learned that my significant-other was right all along - I actually can do my work remotely if I really have to...
Elizabeth Hinson Associate Director, Executive Development
I regained my love of reading after having so much more time to read.
Emma Hammer BAPP '21
I've learned that I miss my commute from DC to campus - but I hope they don't close the College Park metro stop next year!
Nathan Dietz Associate Research Scholar; Senior Researcher, Do Good Institute; Research Director, CivIC

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