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Robert Sheehan Jr.

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Rob Sheehan has more than thirty years of executive management experience, including eighteen years as the CEO of two different national nonprofits. His research and academic publications are focused on leadership, strategy, and organizational effectiveness. His background and experiences have included serving as CEO of LeaderShape, Inc. from 1992-2001 and CEO of the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity & Educational Foundation from 1981-90.

As Academic Director of Executive MBA Programs at the Smith School of Business, Rob directs the academic aspects of Executive MBA programs with responsibility for cohorts in the College Park EMBA.  He is author of Mission Impact: Breakthrough Strategy for Nonprofits, a book which introduces a new approach to strategic planning for nonprofits.

Areas of Interest
  • Leadership; strategy; organizational effectiveness
3 Credit(s)

Serving as a successful leader for a nonprofit or public organization of any kind requires an understanding of the strategic management process and a well-developed and managed strategy. It is a key to an organization’s performance. This course provides an integrated approach to leadership theories and concepts, research, and modern practices related to strategic planning and execution. Leading strategy approaches are discussed and students gain a deep understanding of how strategy can be developed, implemented, and managed in these organizations. The course is relevant for students who want to work for and/or consult with nonprofit and government organizations. Restricted to PLCY majors or permission of instructor.
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