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PLCY388X Special Topics in Public Policy; Cyber Conflict: Broad Scope and Disparate Impacts
3 Credit(s)

Cyber conflict is often considered a distant problem the concern of mi litary commands and national governments. Cyber operations and intelligence remain at the center of conflict patterns, but there is so much more. The focus on state-on-state conflict is belied by the fact that the tools and targets of cyber conflict are frequently mundane and include information and services used daily by the public. And if tools can be used by everyone, attribution of effects can be to anyone. Harm can be unevenly distributed, and often falls on those least equipped to deal with its short term and long-term effects. Algorithmic decision making raises the issue of disparate impact hidden in non-transparent supposedly unbiased settings. This seminar explores these issues connecting old concept s of security with new concerns with disparate impact, privacy, access, and disinformation.