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Bio-Defense Way Ahead Project

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DTRA Bio-Defense Way Ahead Project

1. In your opinion, is the United States spending too much, too little or just the right amount on bio-defense projects today? Why?

2. What present US projects do you see as making the most difference in the next decade if fully funded? difference in the next decade if fully funded? Where would you increase investments? Why is that?

3. What new US projects would you be most interested in adding to the research and procurement agenda in the next decade? Why?

4. What projec ts would you remove from the curren t agenda? What areas of research would you deem phasize? What is your rationale?

5. What biological threats and scenarios do you see as most likely? Which do you see as most dangerous and costly if they were to occur ?  And, how would you prioritize your bio-defense spending accordingly?

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