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The Role of Early Educational Contexts in Differential Genetic Susceptibility to Cognitive Impairment and Dementia

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This Mid-Career Independent Scientist (K02) award proposal expands my expertise in education and ADRD to the field of genetics. My long-term career goal is to establish myself as a national and international expert in ADRD. To achieve this goal, I have identified four objectives as part of the K02 project: 1) develop knowledge of and advanced analytic skills in using genetic markers of ADRD and polygenic risk scores for cognitive impairment and dementia; 2) cultivate new collaborations with established social scientists who have expertise in using genetic data in population studies broadly as well as specific to ADRD; 3) extend my currently funded research (R01AG067536) to examine how genetic susceptibility to cognitive impairment and dementia interacts with early educational contexts and may result in differential risk for cognitive decline and impairment; and 4) apply the data and knowledge gained from the K02 award to secure additional R01 and P30-level funding to support my research program in ADRD and build institutional capacity in aging and ADRD at the University of Maryland, College Park.  

Role: Principal Investigator

Funding Agency: National Institute on Aging (K02AG075237)