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Network on Education, Biosocial Pathways, and Dementia across Diverse Populations

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To advance scientific understanding of how, why, and for whom education relates to ADRD, we will build an interdisciplinary network of ADRD scientists whose joint expertise is vital to achieving NIA’s goal to reduce educational disparities in ADRD: population health scientists, with their expertise in the behaviors that shape dementia risk and resilience, and ADRD researchers, with their expertise in the biology and neurocognitive aspects of ADRD. Our Network will advance scientific understanding of how education relates to ADRD disparities by exploring the socioeconomic, social, psychological, and biological mechanisms that shape resilience and risk and if these patterns differ by race and ethnicity. Identifying and clarifying mechanisms is needed to inform interventions to reduce educational disparities in ADRD. Our Network will facilitate research collaboration and professional development via annual meetings, small working groups, pilot awards, and workshops.

Role: Multiple Principal Investigator (with Pamela Herd, Georgetown; Sanjay Asthana, University of Wisconsin)

Funding Agency: National Institute on Aging (R24AG077433)