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Chandrika Rallapalli

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Chandrika joined our team from successfully building a new foundation relations office at the University of Maryland. In her current role as assistant dean of External Relations she manages a portfolio of communications, career services, alumni relations and development. 

Chandrika has considerable depth of experience in humanitarian leadership, advanced academic achievement in strategy and international relations, and extraordinary success in fundraising. She brings with her a lifelong commitment to improving people‚Äôs lives. In her early professional life, she worked with various nonprofits and institutions of higher education empowering girls and women in India. Since arriving in the United States, Chandrika has demonstrated exceptional creativity and talent in navigating complex and challenging environments. Throughout her career Chandrika has built strong relationships, successfully effectuating inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary initiatives at higher education institutions, including Virginia Tech, Washington University in St. Louis, Temple University School of Medicine.