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Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Frederick Douglass Square

At SPP, we are committed to fostering diversity & inclusion throughout our community — at events, in our research and in the classroom.

Our Commitment

When creating policies, it is important to look at who is benefiting from them and who is creating them. As a school of policy, SPP is fostering conversations about "the table," or the spaces where decisions are being made.

  • Diversity addresses, "who is at the table and who is missing?"
  • Inclusion addresses, "whose ideas are included, and valued in the discussion around the table?"
  • Belonging addresses, "who is part of creating the dining experience?"

As a policy school dedicated to the public good and producing civically engaged and socially responsible leaders, the School is committed to creating an environment of diversity, inclusion and belonging for its faculty, staff, students and surrounding communities.

To foster this environment, SPP has created the Diversity Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) Task Force to create and help implement actionable strategies.

Office Hours

Schedule a meeting with a DIB Taskforce Representative:

View SPP's Nine Antiracist Actions View DIB Task Force Meeting Minutes

About the DIB Task Force

The Diversity Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) Task Force is a cross-school representative body that includes students, staff, faculty and alumni. The DIB Task Force is charged with:

  • increasing diversity, inclusion and belonging in our classrooms and school's culture and
  • producing a diverse pipeline of our next policymakers, equipped to develop equitable policy for all.

DIB Task Force Goals:

  1. Increase student diversity
  2. Increase inclusion and a sense of belonging for all students
  3. Increase staff/faculty diversity
  4. Strengthen inclusion in course content/instruction
  5. Reinforce equity & inclusion

Get Involved

To create a thriving, inclusive environment at the School, everyone take an active role in incorporating diversity, inclusion and belonging into their work, classroom and interactions with students and colleagues. To learn more or to join the DIB Task Force, email Patricia Bory at

Enhance the School's diversity programming by suggesting speakers for events, lectures and discussions. We are seeking speakers who will foster discussion around crucial diversity topics, as well as reading material to further these crucial conversations.

Recommend a Speaker and/or Reading Material


We are committed to supporting research focused on issues related to antiracism and social justice in service to the School’s mission of serving the public good.

As part of the School’s commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and belonging, our seed grant program supports research related to social and racial justice, policy and equity. A committee comprised of faculty and staff within the School will award mini-grants for research examining these crucial issues. Funding for the seed grant program has been established through the Dean’s Office, contributions from the School’s Centers, as well as fundraising from SPP’s Alumni and friends. 

This innovative initiative, the eighth action outlined in the DIB Task Force's 9 Antiracist Actions for the School, will encourage greater academic understanding of the systemic inequities that are an integral part of the marginalization experienced by certain communities. Your contribution to this Initiative will support SPP in fostering greater academic understanding of how antiracist policy can forge a path for a new era of policymaking. 

This academic year, SPP is launching a pilot phase to ward grants to support research already underway by SPP faculty and doctoral candidates. Next year, the initiative will expand to be open to the wider University community (faculty and doctoral students).

The exclusion of marginalized communities’ experiences and perspectives has created gaps in the academic framework. Join us in supporting the research that will influence future curricula.

Support This Initiative

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