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Policy Student Navigates Energy and Fiscal Policies with Maryland General Assembly Internship

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Wes Moore and Eli Brennan standing together
Eli Brennan (right) stands with Maryland Governor Wes Moore (left)

Meet Eli Brennan, a policy student whose journey began in aerospace engineering during his freshman year. As he started his studies, Brennan found himself drawn to politics. He became involved with College Democrats and eagerly pursued coursework in political theory with the Department of Government & Politics in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences as well as advocacy in Maryland government through the School of Public Policy. 

Brennan’s interest in politics grew when he secured a position working on Wes Moore’s gubernatorial campaign. Through these experiences, Brennan realized his true calling lay in the realm of politics and public policy. At the conclusion of his freshman year, he decided to switch gears and major in public policy.

With his engineering background still an integral part of his identity, Brennan saw an opportunity to combine his interests. He focused on progressive change within energy policy, leveraging his knowledge of aerospace engineering to contribute to innovation in the energy sector. This fusion of disciplines positions him to work toward a career where he can enact change and help shape the future of energy policy.

Drawing from his background in public policy and aerospace engineering, Brennan’s passion lies in state-level climate policy. Examining important legislation such as the Inflation Reduction Act, New York’s Building Public Renewables Act and the Maryland POWER Act has increased his interest in further exploring climate policy and refining his research efforts. While acknowledging significant progress at the federal level, Brennan emphasizes the need for fine-tuning climate policies at the state and local levels. With a united front across all levels of government, he envisions substantial advancements in combating climate change.

Currently interning with the Maryland General Assembly, Brennan finds the experience enriching, educational and fun. Serving under Senator Brian Feldman from District 15, who chairs the Committee on Education, Energy, and the Environment, he conducts research on legislative issues, drafting constituent communications and facilitating the passage of legislation. While navigating the complexities of the State's energy and fiscal policies, Brennan finds fulfillment in the opportunity to engage in meaningful work aligned with his interest in state and local politics, something he has dreamed of since high school. 

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