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Learn About SPP, Virtually

group of students in india winter 2020

Meet our community, virtually, through a series of videos that share what it means to be a Policy Terp, from the innovative approached our faculty take in the classroom, to the student experience. To view more videos, visit our YouTube for full playlists, linked under each section.

Hear from Faculty

Learn how faculty at SPP are using their teaching to inform their work in policy, and vice versa with Eric Luedtke, clinical associate professor, director, of the State and Local Governance Initiative and PhD Student. Luedtke also currently serves as house majority leader in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Incorporating Experiential Learning: Juan Pablo Martínez Guzmán

Hear from Juan Pablo Martínez Guzmán, assistant research professor, about how he incorporates experiential learning in the classroom.

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Learn About Student Groups

Hear from current students about what it means to be a member of the International Development Policy Council.

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Hear From Students

Jonathan Garcia '20 shares his experience working with Juan Pablo Martínez Guzmán, assistant research professor, in his senior capstone course.

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