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First Amendment Rights and Race in America with Michael Spivey

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Professor Spivey, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland will lead a conversation on First Amendment Rights and Race in America.  In the age of Twitter and other social media platforms, we are constantly questioning the extent to which First Amendment rights apply to online and private sector media platforms. We will discuss recent restrictions on elected officials and their use of online platforms to promote what some consider to be hate speech and incitement to violence, and how this impacts your First Amendment rights.

About the Black Friday Webinar Series
Black Friday is a webinar series discussing the discounts Black people have been forced to take due to flawed public policy. The series will explore the disparate treatment and impact of public policy in the United States – both historically and to date – on racial outcomes in areas such as housing, education, healthcare, gender identity, criminal justice and wealth. Centuries of federal, state and local policies have cemented systemic racism into our institutions, our culture, and individual's explicit and implicit bias.  Through a series of lectures, articles, videos and other educational material, we will demonstrate how the intersection of policy and practice can be used to address chronic issues that exist in Black communities as a result of flawed (or simply absent) policies and practices.  As a policy school, we hope that these webinars will educate and inspire conversations in an effort to promote accountability and seek remedy for deficiencies in policies that have disproportionately affected Black people in this country. This series is co-hosted by Executive Development and the DIB Task Force.

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