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Seven Questions on... NATO History

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Published in Passport

Editor’s note: “Seven Questions On...” is a new regular feature in Passport that will ask scholars in a particular field to respond to seven questions about their field’s historiography, key publications, influences, etc. It is designed to introduce the broader SHAFR community to a variety of perspectives for a given field, as well as serving as a primer for graduate students and non-specialists

Seven questions:

1. What drew you to this field and inspired you to focus on your specific area of the history of NATO?

2. Which scholars do you see as having laid the groundwork for the study of the history of NATO?

3. Discuss how the field has evolved to include different approaches to analyzing the history of NATO?

4. What are some of the challenges faced by scholars working in the field?

5. What are some of the significant questions in the field that you feel need to be addressed in greater detail or, alternatively, which questions need to be reconsidered by contemporary scholars?

6. For someone wanting to start out in the history of NATO, what 5-8 books do you consider to be of seminal importance– either the “best” or the most influential titles?

7. For someone wanting to teach a course on the history of NATO or add NATO to an existing course on U.S. foreign relations, what core readings and/or media would you suggest?

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