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Get to Know the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Graduate Certificate Program

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Nonprofit Management and Leadership students bring with them a variety of identities and experiences that help enrich the learning outcomes of everyone involved. Students from previous cohorts noted that the diverse array of people is precisely what made the program impactful. 

“The cohort was a wide range of ages and backgrounds and everyone worked well together,” said Rachael Day, a spring 2020 graduate. “We got to take classes together multiple semesters and we got pretty close. This is something I love about nonprofits. All of the stories and personalities that were in the cohort were really interesting.” 

The Certificate program is maintaining this momentum, admitting a spectrum of professionals to this semester’s cohort. 93 percent of newly admitted students are currently employed, with 71 percent of students working at nonprofits. Twenty nine percent of students are CEOs or executive directors of nonprofit organizations. Additionally, 64 percent of new students are from Maryland; 64 percent identify as Black/African American; and 77 percent of students identify as women.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the student group,” said Lamiya Ahmed, a winter 2020 graduate. “Beyond just the demographics, also the diversity of experiences.” 

The learning outcomes of Certificate courses have proven to be highly applicable to our students’ nonprofit careers. The skills that they acquire translate to strong professional preparedness and a deeper understanding of what it takes to excel in the nonprofit sector.  

"I was able to apply what I was learning in my courses almost immediately at my job,” said Samantha Sisisky, senior director of community engagement at BBYO. “I was appointed to the strategic planning committee by my organization's CEO to help lead the process as we plan for the next 3 years of strategy and growth."

Infographic with demographics of Fall '21 GCNML cohort

In addition to knowledge and professional development, Certificate students gain access to a support system of faculty dedicated to uplifting them and their organizations and helping them realize their goals. 

“My time in the Do Good Institute graduate certificate program has been nothing short of extraordinary,” said Cedric Nwafor, a spring 2021 graduate and founder and CEO of Roots Africa. “We now have the confidence that no matter the challenge that we are facing, we have instructors and staff with the willingness and expertise to support us. This confidence has enabled us to set ambitious goals to change the world.” 

This fall, the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership is pleased to welcome 15 new students to the program. These students have joined a community of driven, innovative, and intelligent peers and professors striving to make an impact in the world through the nonprofit sector.

Eight of the 15 newly admitted students were accepted into the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Certificate Programs and awarded Fellowships. The Fellowship program provides awardees with a substantial scholarship to complete the program for their graduate certificate courses, as well as career development support. This support includes stipends, coaching, and a resume-writing service, and more.

We would again like to welcome the new students to the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership program. We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish during your time with us and beyond! Interested in learning more about the program? Click here.

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