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Meeting the Energy-Climate Challenge: Science, Technology, and Policy at a Crossroads

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John Holdren, Obama's science adviser, to lecture on campus. Photo credit: Pete Souza

Photo credit: Pete Souza

John Holdren, Obama's Science Adviser, to Lecture on Campus

Climate change is the biggest part of the energy problem, and energy is the biggest part of the climate-change problem. Serious harm from climate change is already upon us and growing faster than predicted; as a result, the world’s $30 trillion energy system needs to change more rapidly than previous experience would suggest is possible. Both public policy and public and private investments in energy-technology innovation must undergo drastic upgrades if the energy-climate challenge is to be surmounted.

The lecture will be followed with a panel discussion:

  • Panel Moderator: Rosina Bierbaum, Roy F. Weston Chair in Natural Economics, School of Public Policy
  • John P. Holdren, Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Harvard University; Former Assistant to President Obama for Science & Technology and Director, Office of Science & Technology Policy
  • Mary Ann Rankin, Senior Vice President and Provost
  • Steve Fetter, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
  • Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Professor and Interim Director, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center; Executive Director, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites

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