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COP26 Panel

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COP26 Panel, Dec 6 from 3-4p

Join us on Monday, December 6th at 3 pm - 4 pm via Zoom for an informative and lively COP26 conversation. We hope to connect students and the broader SPP community to experts who observed and/or participated in COP26 to chat about the outcomes, challenges, and next steps. 

The event will include a structured panel discussion followed by Q&A from the audience and will feature the following panelists:

Dr. Anand Patwardhan: Professor; Dr. Patwardhan attended COP26 primarily for the official launch of the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) which he co-chairs and helped to develop for more than a year, and was also involved in the UK Presidency's Adaptation, Loss & Damage Day, where he spoke in a closing plenary panel on the importance of connecting knowledge with action.

Dr. Irving Mintzer: Research Professor and Director of the Initiative on Closing the Investment Gap in Sustainable Finance; Dr. Mintzer’s research and work centers on sustainable management of energy resources, Rare Earth Elements, climate policy, implications of climate change for national security, energy economics, and innovative approaches to financing sustainable infrastructure. 

Dr. Leon Clarke: Acting Director for the Center for Global Sustainability & Research Professor; Dr. Clarke attended COP26 for several purposes, such as participating on panels, including one with Senator Cardin on coastal resilience and one on subnational engagement in the global stocktake, and participating in a meeting on a new USG effort called NZW and meeting with various colleagues on a number of different topics related to collaborative work. 

Join us via zoom: 

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