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Sustainable Urban Management and International Training Program (SUMIT)

The Sustainable Urban Management and International Training Program (SUMIT) is a partnership between the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education and the University of Maryland School of Public Policy.

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Our mission is to empower urban leaders to effectively reduce poverty, protect the environment, limit the effects of climate change, and improve the quality of life of their citizens. The training focuses on smart growth, urban management, planning and development to empower the next generation.

SUMIT is ideal for professionals working in international development and talented urban leaders from developing countries.

Today, 54% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, with that number expected to increase. Cities have become critical economic centers, generating an estimated 80% of the world’ s GDP and 70% of global carbon emissions. There is ever-increasing attention globally to developing and implementing strategies to create smart, sustainable cities. Climate change is here to stay and adaptation and mitigation measures, especially in urban areas, are required to lessen future impacts.

Interdisciplinary urban leadership is needed to promote the new UN Urban Agenda of cities that are environmentally sustainable, resilient, socially inclusive, safe, violence-free and economically productive. SUMIT offers cutting edge knowledge, implementation strategies, tools, programs and training opportunities to empower urban leaders in the developing world to navigate the future while building and enhancing complex urban centers.