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PLCY744 Environment and Development
3 Credit(s)

Development typically comes with environmental impacts, while environmental protection sometimes comes with human costs. Is it possible to decouple economic growth and ecological harm or to achieve both human and ecological well-being simultaneously? What would be required to do so? This course explores conceptions and practices of sustainable development particularly where “top-down” environmental and development policy frameworks and governance - e.g. the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - meet “bottom-up” practices and local knowledge systems - e.g. indigenous-managed complex social-ecological systems. The course examines different conceptions of poverty and economic growth consistent (or not) with environmental well-being. The course analyzes contemporary challenges of human and ecological vulnerabilities and system resilience at the intersection of development and climate change adaptation. We explore diverse perspectives, concepts, and policies on intersecting issues such as land-use change, food sovereignty, zoonotic disease, and resource conflict; environmental displacement and migration; and conservation, land rights, and post-colonial social justice.

Schedule of Classes

Faculty: Thomas C. Hilde