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PLCY698G Federal Acquisitions: Contracting and Pricing
3 Credit(s)

As our Nation experiences federal budget pressures year after year, taxpayers and
lawmakers are focused on reducing government spending and obtaining the best
value for the procurement of goods and services.  With the federal government
spending close to $600B annually on goods and services it is essential that
contracting be handled in an efficient, effective, and accountable manner. This
course provides an introduction to the procurement and contracting processes
used by most federal agencies with specific emphasis on contract management
and the change control processes used to administer contracts. Participants in this
course will also develop an understanding of the key stages, reviews, and
milestones involved in leading a procurement activity to a successful outcome,
whether the contracting activity is building a satellite or deploying a new IT system.

This course reviews all aspects of federal government contracting, from the
development of solicitation to final close-out, within the context of the federal laws
and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Specific topics will include:
developing requirements; creating a scope of work; choosing and administering
the appropriate contract type; serving on a source selection panel; ethics;
negotiating the scope of work and intellectual property rights; conducting milestone
reviews; the consequences of changing requirements; transitioning technology and
services; and properly closing out a federal acquisition activity.

Students in this course will assume the role of a contract manager and will
complete projects and assignments with this mindset. Leadership attributes,
leading teams, and conflict resolution techniques will be examined as part of the
curriculum. Case studies will be based on the instructor’s experience in contract
management as well as articles from Harvard Business Review and other
journals. Participants will learn contract management, program management,
practical aspects of cost and schedule estimating, financial management, project
management, risk management, technology management, and team
management. At the end of this course, each participant will be armed with best
practices and tools to successfully manage federal contracts.
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Faculty: Steven Meier