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Tiffany N. Ford

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Tiffany N. Ford is a social policy doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland College Park. She conducts intersectionality-based mixed methods policy analysis to explore racial and race-gender inequality in social, economic, and health arenas. Her dissertation research seeks to understand the well-being paradox of Black middle class women. Tiffany also works as a Research Analyst in the Future of the Middle Class Initiative at the Brookings Institution, where her work focuses on American middle class well-being and upward mobility in the U.S.


Tiffany attended undergrad at the University of Miami (#theU), where she majored in Human and Social Development and Economics. She earned her Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Community Health Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Prior to beginning her doctoral program, Tiffany worked as a Senior Policy Analyst for Health Reform and Health Equity at a social justice-oriented policy research think tank in Chicago. There, her health equity research and advocacy bridged the gap between protest movements, the social and structural determinants of health, and policy interventions at institutional, systems, local, and state levels.


Tiffany’s broad view of health informs her diverse array of work, which has covered topics, such as: subjective well-being (optimism and stress); overpolicing and its effects on the health workforce; defunding the police and investing in public education; racial equity in mobility; gentrification and displacement.

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