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Tiffany N. Ford

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Tiffany N. Ford, MPH, a Chicago native, studies social and economic inequality and intersectionality-based policy analysis as a Public Policy doctoral student at the University of Maryland College Park. Tiffany also works as a Senior Research Assistant in the Future of the Middle Class Initiative at the Brookings Institution, where her research focuses on middle class well-being and upward mobility in the U.S.

She earned her Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Community Health Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Bachelors of Science in Human and Social Development and Economics from the University of Miami. Prior to beginning her doctoral program, Tiffany worked as a Senior Policy Analyst for Health Reform and Health Equity at a social justice-oriented policy research think tank in Chicago. There, her health equity research and writing bridged the gap between the social and structural determinants of health and policy interventions at institutional, systems, local, and state levels.

Tiffany is both an activist and a social scholar – her research and writing has spanned an assortment of topics, including criminal records as a barrier to accessing health careers, overpolicing, gentrification and displacement, education funding, and transportation equity. Ultimately, she aspires to conduct research using an intersectional policy analysis that contributes to the overall understanding of how inequity is created and perpetuated in the United States. Tiffany serves on the national steering committee for Public Health Awakened, a network of public health professionals organizing for health, equity, and justice.

You can keep up with Tiffany on Twitter @TiffNFord!

3 Credit(s)

This course aims to inspire, teach and engage students in the theory and practice of public leadership from the local to the national to the global level. Students will learn and apply diverse approaches to leadership in a multicultural society while developing an understanding of key frameworks and practices necessary to foster collective action across private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Students will also explore and assess their own personal values, beliefs, and purpose as they develop their leadership potential. Finally, students will understand the leadership skills and challenges particular to their role as a future policymaker.
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