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Tacara Elliott is a program coordinator at the Do Good Institute, supporting the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Graduate Certificate program, where she helps manage the programs and systems that serve graduate students enrolled in the program. She also manages the enrollment and registration processes for students. 

Tacara is a recent graduate from University of Maryland, Baltimore County, holding a Bachelor of Arts in health administration and policy. She is excited to start her career at Do Good. She strives to grow and continue to be of service to her community through the Institute’s many avenues.

She currently lives in Baltimore County, Maryland and enjoys time out in nature, her daily yoga practice, and collecting Studio Ghibli films. In the future, she hopes to travel the world. Her first spots to visit include: Jamaica and England (where her family is from) and Japan. Tacara speaks conversational Japanese and has been involved with the language for 15 years. Her favorite places to be are beaches, parks, bookstores, and libraries.